Trademark Translation

A registered trademark cannot be translated as it is a registered name.

However, in some cases, we would recommend translating or ‘localising’ and registering a trademark in one or more languages to extend cover globally. This can be a good move from a marketing perspective.

A trademark translation is rarely, if ever, literal but will convey the core sense and the overall meaning of the original. Ideally a trademark translation will also match the style and tone the company wishes to convey, should that be appropriate in the target country – there are hundreds of cases where this has gone disastrously and often amusingly wrong.


The trademark translation is drafted in several forms by the translator.


The different versions of the translated trademark will then be sent to several translators for their opinion on how well it fits the original and how it ‘works’ in the target language.

Recommendations are sent to the client with as much detail as possible and the final decision would rest with them.

Proofing trademark translations
The proofreader’s remit is to work closely with the original translator and check the final, translated document against the original material to ensure:

1. Accuracy against the original trademark

2. Consistency of terminology and style

3. No grammatical or spelling errors

4. Use of appropriate patent terminology

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