Patent Searches

Conducting patent searches can be time-consuming, particularly when the patents are in a foreign language. We provide a search (and translation) service not only for patents but for other, non-patent technical literature such as prior art, periodicals, conference papers, reports, and textbooks. We carry out preliminary database searches and also analyse the search data.

All our searches are carried out by competent linguists with relevant technical expertise and good understanding of information science.

The art of searching​

Before searching:

You must understand the invention before you start to search. If you do not fully understand the invention, you may think non-relevant results to be relevant.

If you do not fully understand the invention, you may base your opinion of the invention on incorrect information.

Patentability of an invention is determined with reference to the patent claims.

Interpret the claims in light of the specification.

What is prior art?​

Prior art includes any public document, for example published patents, technical publications such as journal articles, conference papers, websites, available products, marketing information, and the like.

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