Aktuel Translation Group Internship 

World Class internships for people  serious about translation.

Course (1-5 months)

Practical guidance in all aspects of translation, proofreading and project management - Training and mentoring in technical, non-technical and specialist translation - Structured course with set milestones and feedback - Experience tailored to your personal goals through special projects - Interns often go on to full-time in-house roles with Aktuel or work for us as freelancers.


Click here to download our course brochure.

"Our goal is to give our interns real experience of what is required from professional

translators working at the

cutting edge of commercial

translation in a fast paced and highly rigorous environment."

Robin Bennett - Managing Director of The Aktuel Translation Group 

"After 4 months here, I can strongly recommend the internship to everyone who is "serious about translation" as the brochure says it."

Julia Gergen – Intern Winter 2016