Translation of Extracts

In some cases, especially when evaluating the possible relevance of foreign patent applications to a current application, full translation of the patent may not be required. When the translation is required for information only, rather than charging to translate the entire patent we are happy to provide translations of selected extracts only, such as translation of abstracts or the translation of claims, to enable you to evaluate the scope and relevance of the patent.

Importantly, the same proofing and quality control procedures are adhered to, as for a full patent spec translation.

Proofing a translated extract

The proofreader’s remit is to work closely with the original translator and check the final, translated document against the original material to ensure:

1. Accuracy against the original patent extract

2. Consistency of terminology and style

3. No grammatical or spelling errors

4. Use of appropriate patent terminology

Project Management

A third proofing is carried out by the Project Manager at PTI (Patent Translations International) to check small but important details, such as page numbering, reference numbers and formatting. The Project Manager will also be your point of contact throughout the translation job and is there to monitor deadlines and budgets on behalf of the client.

The completed patent extract translation is returned in the client’s chosen format, usually by electronic transfer (email/secure FTP) or disk and bound hard copy. All legal translations may carry a written certification, witnessed by a solicitor if required.

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