Filewrappers and Inspections

We provide copies of all official documentation and correspondence, which relate to any granted patent or published patent application. Where appropriate, a translated summary of the contents of this filewrapper is compiled. It is possible to supply selected correspondence or regular updates from specific files (file inspections). Thus you can be kept completely up-to-date with any developments.

What Are the Different Types of Patents

Utility patents: These are patents that cover how a product or process functions. For instance, you can get a utility patent to cover your new hair dryer invention. Utility patents last for 20 years.

Design patents: A design patent covers how a product looks. It has nothing to do with the product’s usefulness, but you can only get a design patent for a useful product or process. Design patents last for 14 years.

Plant patents: If you create a new species of plant, a plant patent prevents other people or companies from breeding it. Like utility patents, they last for 20 years.

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